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CATCAR : Patrimoine digital au service de l’innovation sociale


Associate partner: Jordi de Bolós Masclans 

Lead researcher: Jaume de Puig i Oliver and Martina Camiade

Projecte reference: EFA296/19 

Funding body:  European Regional Development Fund, FEDER 

Start date: 2020

Les villes méditerranéennes: éléments de développement et du progrès. Analyse diachronique, transversal et multidisciplinaire


Principal investigator:  Flocel Sabaté Curull

Project reference: UAI2015-85

Funding body:  Union Académique Internationale

Start date: 2015 End date: 2019

Cohesion building of multiethnic societies, 10th-21st c. (Work package): Southern Europe

cristianos moros 3

Lead researcher: Flocel Sabaté   

Researcher network coordinator: Przemyslaw Wiszewski      

Project reference: 0102/NPRH3/H12/82/2014

Funding body: Ministry of Education and Research of Poland

Stard date: 2014  End date: 2018

Cuius regio. An Analysis of the Cohesive and Disruptive Forces Destining the Attachment of Groups of Persons to and the Cohesion within Regions as a Historical Phenomenon. The Catalan regional case


Lead researcher: Flocel Sabaté   

Researcher network coordinator: Dyck De Boer     

Project reference: ESF/EUROCORES/CURE-AP1/P8

Funding body: European Science Foundation

Stard date: 2010  End date: 2013

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