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9th International Medieval Meeting Lleida 2019

25th - 28th June 2019

Enrolment open for papers and sessions from 5th November 2018 until 24th March 2019.

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New book: "Late Gothic Painting in the Crown of Aragon and the Hispanic Kingdoms"

Edited by Francesc Fité and Alberto Velasco

Late Gothic Painting in the Crown of Aragon and the Hispanic Kingdoms (Art and Material Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe) edited by Francesc Fité and Alberto Velasco.

This book aims to analyze the genesis and evolution of late Gothic painting in the Crown of Aragon and the rest of the Hispanic kingdoms, examining this phenomenon in relation to the whole context of Europe in the second half of the fifteenth century. The authors consider the influence of the Flemish primitive movement on the art produced by their Spanish colleagues, the artistic relations and interchanges with the Netherlands and other countries, and the introduction and development of the Flemish language in the Spanish lands. The book also examines altarpieces, considering topics such as changes in shape and structure and liturgical links, along with offering stylistic analyses supported by new technologies. 
Contributors are Joan Aliaga, Maria Antonia Argelich, Marc Ballesté, Judith Berg Sobré, Carme Berlabé, Eduardo Carrero, Ximo Company, Francesca Español, Francesc Fité, Montserrat Jardí, Nicola Jennings, Fernando Marías, Didier Martens, Isidre Puig, Nuria Ramón, Pedro José Respaldiza, Stefania Rusconi, Tina Sabater, Albert Sierra, Pilar Silva, Lluïsa Tolosa, Alberto Velasco, and Joaquín Yarza (†). Source: Brill

portada corona arago

New book: "The Crown of Aragon. A Singular Mediterranean Empire"

Edited by Flocel Sabaté

The Crown of Aragon. A Singular Medieval Empire recovers the history of an empire which was of great importance in the late medieval Mediterranean, but which has since been relegated almost to oblivion by the course of history. The Crown of Aragon was a Mediterranean crossroads: between west and east for the economy, and between north and south for culture and religion, drawing in many different peoples, covering Iberia to Greece. A new vision of the Crown of Aragon as a framework of overlapping identities facilitates its historiographical recovery, showcased in the chapters of this volume which analyse the economy, institutions, social evolution, political strategy and cultural expression in literature and art of the Crown of Aragon.
Contributors are David Abulafia, Lola Badia, Xavier Barral-i-Altet, Pere Benito, Maria Bonet, Jesús Brufal, Alessandra Cioppi, Damien Coulon, Luciano Gallinari, Isabel Grifoll, Adam J. Kosto, Esther Martí-Setañés, Sebastiana Nocco, Antoni Riera, Flocel Sabaté and Antoni Simon. 



New book: "Els espais de poder a la ciutat medieval"

Edited by Flocel Sabaté

"Els espais de poder a la ciutat medieval" 

Authors: Maria Bonet, Jesús Brufal, Josep A. Clúa, Francesc Fité, Isabella Gagliardi, Isabel Grifoll, David Igual, Emma Liaño, Flocel Sabaté, Alberto Velasco

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el poder i la regio

New book: "El poder entre la ciutat i la regió"

Edited by Flocel Sabaté

"El poder entre la ciutat i la regió"

Authors: Maria Bonet, Jesús Brufal, Maria Teresa Ferrer, Francesc Fité, David Igual, Erminia Irace, Andrea Knox, Giuliano Pinto, Carles Rabassa, Antoni Riera, Flocel Sabaté, Maria Elisa Soldani, Manuel Vaquero

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