Presentation of the book "Identity and Loss of Historical Memory. The destruction of archives"

by Igor Filippov and Flocel Sabaté (eds.)

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École Nationale de Chartres

65, rue de Richelieu, Paris 2e (salle Léopold-Delisle)

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Presentation of the book "Identity and Loss of Historical Memory. The destruction of archives" (Peter Lang, 2017) by Igor Filippov and Flocel Sabaté

"Identity and Loss of Historical MemoryThe destruction of archives", abstract: "Archives are the documentary memory of each society and so they become one of the pillars of its identity. Its destruction is sometimes accidental, but it is often deliberate in order to remove the ties with the past. The new times that revolutions attempt to reach usually involve forceful and symbolic ruptures with former identity, including the destruction of the economic, administrative and historical documentation. This book collects updated texts written by outstanding researchers from an initial Congress held in Moscow in 2006 in order to analyze the causes and consequences of the destructive violence against archives boasted during revolutionary turmoils. The studies pay special attention to the first important contempt and destruction of documentation, during the French Revolution; continue studying the damages to archives during 19th century; and culminated analyzing the effects of Russian Revolution over the documentation and the evolution until the end of the Soviet period."