Virtual seminar March'21

Virtual seminar "CERDEÑA GIUDICALE Y LA CORONA DE ARAGON: UNA DIFICIL Y DINAMICA EXPERIENCIA DEL PODER CONFRONTADO" organized within the framework of the project “El poder vivido en la Ba-ja Edad Media: percepción, representación y expresividad en la gestión y la recepción del poder (PID2019-104085GB-I00)" and given by Luciano Gallinari (Istituto di Storia dell’Europa Mediterranea - CNR).


Virtual workshop

Taula rodona Museu


Reflexions a propòsit del cas de Sixena i del conflicte entre els bisbats de Lleida i Barbastre-Monzón

Thursday, 18th March 2021 19:00

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Experiencing power in the Middle Ages (Virtual, 28th-30th June 2021)

Join us and share your research on aspects of power in the Middle Ages. Our aim is to bring together scholarship on this topic and encourage on-line discussion on the different experiences of power in the medieval period, be it in terms of power-management by those who exercised it in any of its manifestations, or be it from the point of view of those, at different social levels, who were at the receiving end of it.

Send us your paper proposal before the 16th of May.

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For the second time, Flocel Sabaté Curull has received the award ICREA ACADEMIA

The ICREA Acadèmia is a grant to university professors who already hold permanent positions in the Catalan research system. The grant is for five years and is intended to promote the awardees’ research, basically by relieving them from teaching duties. The firs time prof. Sabaté received it was in 2015.


Connecta amb l'Edat Mitjana


Connecta amb l'Edat Mitjana

Seminaris virtuals organitzats pel Grup de Recerca Consolidat en Estudis Medievals "Espai, Poder i Cultura"

September 2020 - May 2021

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FECYT Seal of quality 2020


Imago Temporis. Medium Aevum has received the renewal of the seal of quality 2020 from FECYT.

Journals that successfully complete the evaluation process obtain the FECYT Seal of Quality in recognition of scientific and publishing quality. In this line, Imago Temporis. Medium Aevum has received the Seal of Quality in 2019 and now its renewal.




Albert Cassanyes Roig has received the special award "Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat" given by Universitat de Lleida for his thesis "Antoni Cerdà (c. 1390-1459). Poder polític i promoció eclesiàstica a mitjans del segle XV". Congratulations!